Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy

A dojo for the whole family.

3 Normanskill Boulevard, Delmar, NY
(518) 475-9641

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Links for Current students

White belt syllabus

Hand Techniques

Chudan Tsuki- Middle Punch

Gedan Tsuki- Low Punch

Jodan Tsuki- High Punch

Jodan Morote Tsuki- Double Punch

Shuto Uchi Uchi- Inside Out Knife Hand Strike

Uraken Shomen Uchi- Inverted Fist Strike

Seiken Ago Uchi- Jab To Head

Shotei-Uchi- Palm Heel Strike

Hiji Ushiro- Back Elbow Strike

Chudan Soto Uke- Middle Outside In Block

Gedan Barai- Low Block

Jodan Uke- High Block

Chudan Uchi Uke- Middle Inside Out block


Mae Keage- Front Stretch Kick

Hiza Geri – Knee Kick

Mae Geri- Front Snap Kick

Kin Geri- Groin Kick

Ushiro Geri- Back Kick


Fudo Dachi- Normal Stance

Kiba Dachi- Horse Straddle Stance

Kokutsu Dachi- Back Leaning Stance

Heisoku Dachi- Close Stance (Used in Kyotskai)

Zenkutsu Dachi- Front Leaning Stance


White Belt (10th Kyu): Taikyoku I & Taikyoku II

White Belt (9th Kyu): Taikyoku III

Self Defense

White Belt (10th Kyu): Basic #1, Basic #2, Basic #3, & Basic #4

White Kyu (9th Kyu): #1 – #4 both sides

Requirements for Testing

White Belt (10th Kyu) to White Kyu (9th Kyu): minimum 20 classes and 3 months, 2 stripes, gi patches, be able to recite the student creed and count to 10 in Japanese.

White Kyu (9th Kyu) to Blue Belt (8th Kyu): minimum 20 classes and 3 months, 2 stripes.