Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy

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3 Normanskill Boulevard, Delmar, NY
(518) 475-9641

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Links for Current students

Blue belt syllabus

Hand Techniques

Jun Tsuki (in Kiba Dachi) – Side Thrust Punch

Tettsui (in Kiba Dachi) – Hammer Fist Strike

Tettsui Gammen Uchi – Hammer Fist Strike to head (inside out)

Tettsui Soto Uchi – Hammer Fist Strike to head (outside in)

Uraken Sayu Uchi – Invert Fist Strike to Side

Uraken Furi Uchi – Invert Fist to Body

Hiji Age – Rising Elbow Strike

Morote Tsuki – High/Low Double Punch

Shuto Oroshi Uchi – Descending Knife Hand Strike

Kake Uke – Downward Forearm Hook Block

Kote Uke – Upward Forearm Block

Shuto Mawashi Stow Uke – Circular Knife-Hand Roundhouse Block

4 Block Drill


Yoko Keage – Side Stretch Kick

Yoko Geri – Side Kick

Kansetsu Geri- Driving Joint Kick

Mawashi Geri – Roundhouse Kick


Heiko Dachi – Parallel

Nekoashi Dachi – Cat Stance


Blue Belt (8th Kyu): Pinan I

Blue Kyu 7th Kyu): All previous kata with concepts of ura-kata, migi-hajime, and san waza

Self Defense

Blue Belt (8th Kyu): Basic #5, Basic #6

Blue Kyu (7th Kyu): Basic self-defense #5- #6 both sides

Kumite Drills

Yakasoku Kihon Kumite Sono Ich (#1)

Requirements for Testing

Blue Belt (8th Kyu) to Blue Kyu (7th Kyu): minimum 20 classes and 3 months, 2 stripes.

Blue Kyu (7th Kyu) to Yellow Belt (6th Kyu): minimum 20 classes and 3 months, 2 stripes.