About Shihan Dewey

shihanShihan Brian Dewey, a fifth degree black belt, has been studying karate since 1980.? He received his first degree black belt in the World Seido Karate Organization under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Shihan Dewey holds kyu ranks in both Aikido and Iaido and is versed in the use of other oriental weapons. Shihan Dewey has strong affiliates in both the United States, Japan and Europe.?? Shihan Dewey has trained with U.S. Budokai Karate Association since 1991 and left Budokai in 2005 to form the Nihon Goshin Karate Do organization which is part of the Ninpiden International Ninjutsu Martial Arts Association (NINMAA). He now owns and operates Dewey?s Martial Arts Academy which is founded on the networking principles of combining other martial arts.? He has an engineering degree SUNY Delhi in Energy System.