Nihon Goshin Karate Do


Our style is derived from a long tradition of karate which can be traced back to Okinawa in the early 1900’s. It is actually a melding of 2 styles originally known as Shuri-te and Naha-te.

Shuri-te evolved into Shotokan as codified by Gichin Funakoshi.? Naha-te evolved into Gojo Ryu as codified by Chojun Miyagi.? Later, Mas Oyama brought these 2 styles together as a new style known as Kyokushin.

In 1965 Oyama sent Tadashi Nakamura to New York to found an American Kyokushin dojo in Brooklyn. ?Nakamura Kaicho led this dojo for 11 years and was Chairman of the North American Kyokushin Kai. ?In 1976, Nakamura respectfully withdrew from Kyokyushin karate to found Seido Karate.

Among his many pupils was?Shihan Brian Dewey who trained under Hanshi William Reid. ?On some occasions, Shihan Dewey trained directly with Nakamura Kaicho. ?In 1987 Hanshi Reid left Seido karate to found US Budokai karate. Shihan Dewey came with Hanshi Reid and founded the former Budokai dojo in Delmar, NY.

In 2009, Shihan Dewey founded?Nihon Goshin Karate Do- a style similar to Seido karate but with more incorporation of other styles of martial arts such as aikido and iaido.