Iaido / Kenjutsu Seminar with Sensei Ted Tanaka

  • Learn the basic concepts and techniques for the following Sword Kata’s: Mae – Forward cuts, Ushiro – Back ward cut attacker, Yaegaki – Multiple wall exercise
  • Deai / Ukenagashi: Two man set Kenjutsu
  • How “Advanced Concepts“ are hidden in plain sight will be explained

iado seminar.1
iado seminar.2
To register for this seminar, Please make your check out for $30.00 to T. Tanaka

Date: April 23rd
Time: 12:00 noon to 3:00

Please arrive 20 minutes early and bring water and a light snack. Certificates of attendance will be awarded to pre-registered attendance if registered by April 16th. Registration at the door is $50.00

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