Dojo closed tonight 2/9/15 due to weather

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:

Due to predicted unsafe road conditions from our local weather advisories the Dojo will be closed for all activities this evening. Stay safe and warm! Osu!

Take this opportunity to continue training on your own tonight.  Some suggestions:

  1. Not a lot of space at home? try doing your katas without moving your feet.  Don’t worry if your head explodes- frustration builds learning!
  2. Get in front of a mirror and practice your punches and blocks: start slowly and make sure you are targeting the right places.  Remember- a good high punch should be right in front of your own nose! For higher ranks use the mirror to practice 4 block drill and shuto drill.
  3. Read a karate book or search for some interesting things to read about karate online (kids- make sure you have a parent’s permission and supervision).

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